Launch your campaign website quickly. No digital expertise required.
Local campaigns. Presidential quality.
Get your website live in as little as 72 hours
Raise money online, engage your community, and recruit volunteers
Track digital engagement and optimize for donations, shares, sign-ups, and more

Running for office and not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered!

The all-in-one platform that every candidate can afford.

Choose a template & customize your website.
Running for local office doesn't mean your website shouldn't look presidential.

Choose from our customizable website templates that are built to meet your campaign goals.
Stand out in every inbox & social feed.
Digital engagement is key to any modern campaign – don’t get left behind!

We supply ready-to-go email and social media templates to help you engage your supporters, raise money, and meet your goals.
Collect data & optimize to meet your goals.
Understanding if what you’re doing is working or not puts you on another level. Set your campaign up for success.

ChangeDigital provides an easy to understand analytics dashboard to help you optimize your digital efforts.
Example of metrics that you would see in the analytics dashboard. Here it's displaying web traffic data and illustrates that we have use tooltips so you understand what you're looking at.
One platform – everything you need to run a modern digital campaign.
Say never again to wasting time and money on digital.

It’s time for candidates who care to become leaders who make an impact.

Website templates built for political campaigns

How to launch your campaign online like the pros in 5 easy steps.

Sign up. Pick one of our pricing plans and choose from one of our professionally designed website templates.
Fill out the quick onboarding survey. Give us basic campaign info, your logo, colors, and fonts + your domain and email details.
Customize your website. Get your site within 24 hours of signing up and add your photos & content.
Tell us when you're ready to launch. We'll do a final QA (Quality Assurance) check and make sure everything is ready to go.
Go LIVE! We'll point your domain to your new ChangeDigital site and you can launch your campaign online while looking good on mobile, search, and social.

One platform with all the digital tools and assets you need to launch, run, and win!

Local Campaigns

City, County, & State Legislature


We offer 3 Month
6 Month Payment Plans!

Running for statewide or federal office? Get in touch!


How quickly can I launch my site?
You can launch your site in as little as 72 hours! It's up to you how quickly you want to launch it. 

After completing the onboarding survey, you'll receive your website login. Once you're logged in, you can add your text and photos! When you're done adding your content, you'll schedule your launch with us.

We require a 24 hour runway so that we can go through your site, make sure everything looks good and make sure all your links work.

If everything is good to go, your website will go live. 
What does the monthly charge cover?
We charge $50 per month for hosting and a total of 4 hours of support over the course of your campaign. We focus on making sure your website is always working so you can focus on winning.
Do I have to do it all by myself?
Absolutely not. Our goal is to make it easier to launch and run – so we do most of the work like add your logo, colors and campaign info, set up & optimize your SEO, and social share info. All you have to do is replace the placeholder text and photos with your own text and photos. That's it! 
What if everything I want isn't in one template?
That's ok – we'll make it work! We can incorporate elements from any of our templates in your site. Just let us know!
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